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So a little video I made & posted on YouTube.

I've been getting more and more out of my Torque app on my phone.

Just a brief bit about what it should like like, you can compare to your readings if you are looking for a problem.

A bit shaky, didn't know my windshield mount jiggled so much, but the gauges are still. Enjoy

Using the Torque app to monitor O2 sensors

I’m finding that these videos are of interest to many so I’ll be creating ones in greater detail and to cover other problems.

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In the Youtube video below, I am confirming a repair after dealing with a lean code. Note that the O2 graph shows the voltage oscillating as it should during regular driving, but at WOT the voltage goes to .9 volts as it should. If the voltage drops at WOT you have a fuel starvation problem such a clogged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump.