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Why would you want to do this?

LED bulbs make more light, whiter light and draw less current than the OEM halogen bulbs!

LED headlight kits are rapidly becoming popular. HID lights have been around for a while, although quality varies considerably. Popular eBay kits can be had for about $35 now. However, many times the quality is such that you may get a kit that will not light both bulbs every time, or they may not work at all, or they may not last very long. They do however make night driving much easier. Always make sure your head lights are adjusted so that they do not blind oncoming drivers!

This is NOT a recommendation to install HID or LED lights housings that are not designed for these types of bulbs.

Installing LED Headlights in GMC Envoy

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When I purchased my 2003 Envoy I for sure was going to upgrade the headlights. I've had HID in my past 3 Jimmies and loved them. all eBay purchases, the cheap $35 kits. Of the 10 or so I bought for myself and family cars, I had a couple of duds. Overall I was OK with the outcome.

Now on the scene are LED lights. I first considered these last year but so expensive. Once I found a Envoy I thought I'd look for LED kits and see what has happened in the last year.

After some research I decided on the Torchstar kits. Only a few reviews, but they were all good. I was concerned about light output because many of the cheap bulbs had very poor reviews. $89 on Amazon.

Torchstar LED Bulb Torchstar LED Kit

They came in a snazzy box!

I've installed 35W HID and have used 55W HID for most of the installs. These LED are comparable with the 55W HID as far as intensity.

On my Envoy I had to trim the plastic housing to make room for the LED bulb cooling fins. Check as to how much clearance you have behind your existing bulbs, it might not be possible to install these bulbs at all.

The bulbs do not allow the use of the rubber cover so I'll see how this goes long term. I trimmed the hole with side cutters while the old 9006 bulb was installed so I wouldn't get plastic bits in the opening.

Your existing headlight wiring will plug right onto the LED bulb, no relay or harness needed.

Left side - Halogen

Right side - LED

The LED output is very white and clean, no color visible.

Just the right LED installed. I did adjust the lights down lower.

This is the OEM 9006 bulbs. Dark rainy night.

This is the LED bulbs, adjusted down. The road has a bit of a rise and I'm a bit lower than the first shot.

Super easy to install, just pop out the old bulb, and pop in the LED, make sure you have clearance for the cooling fins, and plug the harness into the LED harness. They are instant on! Would be a great high beam upgrade, I just may do this. Very little heat at the housing lens after being on about an hour.

Having worked with a few LED installs since, I highly recommend using a bulb with a flexible braid heat sink, like the ones to the left. They are much easier to fit in most case as you can push the heat sink over to clear the housing if needed. I wish that I had done this on my Envoy install. The quality of the lights are fine, just didn’t like having to cut up the housing to fit them.