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I placed the top plate over the cut off base and tack welded them together for a trial fit.

Project 6.0 LS Cherokee - 3

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September 27 - 2016

I cut a 1/4” wedge out leaving the top rolled material to hold it in place. I heated the remaining material and bent it down.

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With the DBW assembly mounted over top the adapter I could judge the pedal position. It was too high and too close to the tunnel.

I could see that the pedal lever could be lower to the floor, so I cut a wedge out of the lever and bent it down and test fitted it before I welded it.

The adapter mounted to the firewall.

I used a discarded license plate as a heat shield to protect the plastic and electronic parts.

Clamped the pedal lever in a vise to heat and bent it to the left to clear the transmission hump.

Pedal height is better now.

October 5 - 2016

I’m using the old throttle cable hole to pass the TAC harness through. 40mm is the required size.

First start up out of the truck. I was pretty happy that it started right up the first time, no “start the camera after I know it will run” thing.