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What do you need, besides the Ford 8.8 rear end?

* You need the Explorer drive shaft pinion flange & bolts. This will NOT work with an S10 Double Cardon joint at the rear. You will need to locate an S10 drive shaft with a regular U-joint.

* A conversion U-joint, Spicer # 5-793

* 2 - 3/16" metal brake lines, 24" & 36". Or you can use longer if you loop them.

* New U-bolts & nuts.

Dimensions shown are for a stock S-truck with an 8.8 axle. If your truck is using lowering blocks, just add the height of the block to the length of the U-bolts. These are custom made. When they are bent to the diameter that I specify, they spring back and actually measure larger. So I specified a 3" diameter and they sprung out to 3 1/4", perfect fit .

Installing a Ford Explorer rear end into an S10 - 2

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* If you are pulling the axles out to re-drill, then 3 litres of 80-90 gear oil & friction modifier if it's a limited slip rear end. And a new lock pin for the spider gear cross-shaft.

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If you are wanting to use your wheels then you will have to remove and drill a new wheel bolt pattern into the axles.

If you are using the truck just for racing you may choose to save some money here and run Ford wheels, so you can skip down to the next post. If this is a daily driver you would probably like to only carry one spare tire, read on.

You will need to remove the axle shafts from the axle housing for these modifications. It's not difficult to do.

First remove the diff cover.

With the cover off, rotate the gear assembly until you see a small bolt head at the end of the cross shaft. This bolt locks the cross shaft in place. Use a tight fitting quality 8mm or 5/16" 6 point socket and long extension. The socket should fit tight and not slip. Do not re-use this bolt, it's not uncommon for them to break. If yours is already broken you will need to use a pick to remove the piece left inside.

8.8 Limited Slip