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Welcome to my personal website. I am posting many of my automotive experiences here. I favor GM but also work on just about anything. Currently over 45 years as an automotive tech. I got my start on VW's way back when they were air cooled. I've owned over 35 of them, from the common Beetle to Karman Ghia, Type2 and Type3. I worked at several Volkswagen dealerships in the '80s and also a few independent shops. I've installed several propane systems when I worked at one shop that did installations. I've had much experience with many Japanese vehicles.

A short list of some of my past projects.

A tube frame Dune Buggy
This had a Type 4 engine, Type 2 transaxle using Type 3 suspension and a Type 1 front axle. I riveted aluminium panels on to skin it. It was fun to drive and would wheelie if I took of fast.

A rotary engine powered Super Beetle
I bought a 1973 Super Beetle and installed a 13B rotary engine mounted to a Type 2 transaxle. The radiator was mounted where the spare tire was and and I even fabricated a heater under the rear seat that feed hot air into the stock heater channels! It was a real sleeper. It ran 14.4 in the ¼ mile @ 96 MPH. Later I discovered that it was only running on one distributor and would have run much quicker.

AWD Jimmy

AWD Jimmy

6.0L LS engine swap into a Jeep Cherokee

My current project is a GM 6.0L LS powered Jeep Cherokee. I have obtained the Cherokee and engine and the Ford Explorer 8.8 rear end. It will be a two wheel drive street machine, never off-road again. It will be a low budget project, no big dollars spent here! The engine will be near stock as will the rest of the components.

Currently working on the engine wiring harness.

Find it here.

I will post articles on how to use an Android app to read OBD2 on your car or truck. I will explain in simple language how to interpret those readings.

I will post some information on projects present and past.

You can view the list of automotive articles I’ve written here.

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